Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe?


    iRexion™ is made from 100% Natural All-Herbal Ingredients
    Our exceptional and original formula includes concentrated levels of rare herbs that stimulate sexual activity to maintain and enhance erections and intensify your Orgasms. Key active ingredients have been carefully selected and designed to promote an increased blood flow and Maximize Sexual Performance. We guarantee our results are beyond compare to any other product on the market including prescript medication. We deliver maximum performance without the alarming side effects and pricey prescription drugs.

  • Do you offer money back guarantee?


    We stand firmly with our product with our easy 60 days money back guarantee.

  • Can I use iRexion with alcohol?


    A well known secret (amongst men) that males tend not to “function” wellunder the influence alcohol. iRexion is a game changer and is the only over the counter supplement that works in conjunction with alcohol. iRexion™ will work for you even with alcohol but it should be in moderation. It will be a big devastation if you will not be able to feel your electrifying orgasms and to spoil your very own magical moment.

  • How long before I see results?

    Fast Results

    The result can be seen as fast as 30 minutes to 1 hour. Its effects however will last for up to 3 days with just one dose.

  • How can I purchase iRexion™?

    iRexion can be purchased directly on our website We accept payments through Paypal. Major debit and credit card are accepted as well.

  • What is the difference of iRexion from the rest of sexual enhancement supplements in the market?

    Natural vs. Synthetics

    Well, iRexion guarantees to be effective and safe—in a very essence of the word. It is effective because the ingredients that are all natural are proven to be safe. These herbs have been clinically studied and underwent laboratory testing. The outcomes of the experiments have been carefully studied from which we have derived the perfect outcome of Irexion.

  • Would there be a dedicated customer service from whom I can refer to should I have any concern?


    Before your purchase, you can ask all you want from our Customer Service. What separates us from others would be our after sales service. Others would leave you hanging as you have already purchased. But were different. We want to hear of your comments & we love to hear your affirmation on how Irexion works for you. Here in Irexion, your concern would be properly taken care of.

  • I only suffer erectile problems on rare occasion. Will iRexion help me?


    Whatever the cause of your intermittent ED issues, having iRexion is perfect to avoid your rare embarrassing moments.

  • Does iRexion contain any ingredients which may pose an allergy?

    Allergic Reaction

    iRexion does contain Oyster Extract which may cause allergy in those with shellfish allergies. Those individuals with a known shellfish allergy should first consult with their medical doctor before taking iRexion.

  • Can I take iRexion while taking medications?

    If your on medication

    We do not recommend taking iRexion with medications until you have consulted a medical professional first. Some tried it even they are on medications and yet it is still effective . You may print out the list of ingredients from our website and take them to your doctor for him/her to review.

  • Should an individual take iRexion if they have experienced a heart attack, heart symptoms, or high blood pressure?

    Heart conditions

    We do not recommend taking iRexion if an individual has or may be experiencing any heart issues without first consulting a medical professional.

  • Does iRexion™ Work For Everyone?

    For Everyone

    In reference to a survey given out to 100 users of iRexion™, Very few participants gave a rating of 7 out of 10 (10 being the highest satisfaction score) 94 out of the 100 participants states that iRexion™ worked for them exceeding their expectations giving them the sexual satisfaction they never experience with other male enhancement supplements. However, none of the six males has graded less than 7 in reference to their overall Satisfaction Score index. Hence, we believe that iRexion™ works for everyone.

  • What are the side effects of iRexion™?

    No harmful side effects

    Since Irexion is 100% natural, individuals in their peak of health need not to worry in using Irexion. No harmful side effects has been recorded & no unusual medical related reports has been received till date. However, we strongly advised people who undergo serious medication to seek professional medical advice to avoid contraindication of their prescription before taking Irexion and any other supplements

  • What is the suggested dosage for iRexion™?

    Just One Tab

    Recommendation is 1 dose to be taken orally at least half an hour before the anticipated sexual engagement. While others tend to take it only to enhance sexual satisfaction, or on a regular basis (every 3 or 4 days) to improve their endurance & vitality.

  • Is iRexion safe to be taken with other sexual supplements?

    One at a time

    The idea of taking more than one sexual supplement at the same time is highly discouraged.

  • Other Products

    I’ve been using another male enhancement supplement and I’ve noticed that after my sexual encounter, I am experiencing headache, palpitation & vomiting. Is this normal while taking sexual enhancement supplements?

    No. That’s not normal. If that is the case we suggest discontinuing the supplement that you are taking because that is a very clear sign that the product is not safe. The ingredients are not at all naturals and taking the same in the long run will provide you with other health related concerns. And in this case we suggest you to try iRexion™so as to avoid occurrence inconveniences and symptoms of health concerns.

  • Do you guarantee discreet billing & shipping ?

    Yes we do

    Our passion in letting you experience higher level of satisfaction is the same as our pledge in rendering you our product with outmost confidentiality. Your every detail is assured to be safe with us and your transaction with us remains discreet in every order received from you.

  • Will iRexion makes my size longer?

    Supplement myths

    As most of the sexual enhancement pills manufacturer gives you deception with this concern, we in iRexion are very honest with this one. As far as our knowledge is concerned (based from the researches that we are doing) No drugs, supplements or even operation makes a penis larger. However, it is guaranteed that Irexion will make your size longer by improving and increasing the blood flow and pressure to your penis. When the penis tissues are filled up with blood, the penis will become larger and a stronger and harder erection can be obtained. They may also have ingredients that cause an increase in sex drive and stamina in men to help them perform better in bed.

  • Can women take it?

    For Both

    iRexion is safe for both sexes and will increase the blood flow to the genital areas but iRexion was formulated to have its active ingredients target the male response.

  • Will your site share my e-mail address or information with other companies?

    Absolutely No

    However, you may receive occasional e-mails from our company promoting new sales or products. We will never and have never sold our client’s e-mail addresses.

  • Can I take iRexion while having any kind of health condition(s)?

    Health Conditions

    We do not recommend taking iRexion while having any kind of health condition before consulting a medical professional.

  • Is iRexion really that effective?


    All of the ingredients in iRexion have been shown to be effective in helping men achieve a greater sexual experience.* Please review the ingredients section for more information on how each ingredient is beneficial.

  • Will iRexion work with other products for male enhancement?

    Other male enhancement product

    iRexion should not be taken with another oral male enhancement product, but may be used with a topical product like Ky jelly

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